Launching Priceline's New Ad Campaign Featuring Kaley Cuoco ​

AGEAN was tasked generating awareness the launch of Priceline’s newest ad campaign, ‘Go to Your Happy Price,” which debuted during the Super Bowl LVII pre-game show. The new ads starred Kaley Cuoco, showcased a new comedic jingle, and created a world with office-worker colleagues who were reluctant to travel to their happy place due to price, and included the announcement of $5M in hidden travel deals for consumers. ​
AGEAN worked closely with Priceline and its new ad agency (Mirimar) to create assets tailored specifically for media and crafted an in-depth media strategy to pre-pitch category exclusives in ad/marketing, travel trade and entertainment press for the new “Find Your Happy Price” ad campaign. AGEAN counseled the team on how and what to highlight about the campaign and what to add to the campaign to make it more newsworthy for different press verticals, this included: adding a travel deal that linked to Super Bowl LVII, positioning the new ad campaign as broader brand campaign in the press release, timing the PR to come well before the ads would break, fielding a study about the connection between ‘travel and happiness’, creating custom assets for key media (visuals, graphics, ad stills, the ads, b-roll), leveraging celebrity spokesperson, Kaley Cuoco, and creating story angles for travel, trade, lifestyle, ad/marketing and business press. This resulted in successfully securing press coverage to coincide with the launch and to explain Priceline’s unique and fresh POV about travel and happiness, which was then sustained with targeted pitches to ad marketing, consumer, business, and travel trade press. ​


As a result of AGEAN's strategic planning and outreach, our team earned more than 85 media placements, including 11 standalone features, and more than 1.6 billion impressions globally.

This represented a 570% increase in press coverage compared to their last ad campaign launch.



Creating the biggest brand moment ever for Krispy Kreme

KrispyKreme: A previous client of Alyssa Garnick
How do you launch a new flagship in Times Square during a pandemic and quarantine? Krispy Kreme was launching its first-ever global flagship. The opening was delayed to September due to COVID. However, the expectations did not change: create the biggest brand moment in Krispy Kreme history.
Alyssa and her team created a three-waved media strategy, piecing out chapters of the story, varying the activities and spokespeople and the media outlets every time: Ignite, Hype, Light. We created a virtual “Sweet Peek” where media could tour the shop before it opened, an in-person event where we lit the Hot Light with the cast of Chicago the Musical, doughnut drops to influencers, and a CEO media day.

This was a project Alyssa led at a different agency.
krispy kreme times square launch


We had 1 billion media impressions before the shop even opened.

The brand had positive, stand-alone features in all national and NY local press.

including print, broadcast, social.

This PR Program won a PRSA Silver Anvil award.

SERHANT Central Park Tower Penthouse

SERHANT. Central Park Tower Penthouse - Case Study

The Penthouse at Central Park Tower

AGEAN was challenged with launching the highest residence in the world: The Penthouse at Central Park Tower in New York City. The home stands 1,416 ft high, and spans the 129, 130 and 131 floors, its 17,545ft2 of interior space and 1,433ft2 of outdoor space, makes it the highest residence in the world with the highest private terrace on the planet. We needed to secure global news, luxury and real estate press – and because of the exclusive nature of the property, we could not host a press event or invite media in for a tour.
As a result of AGEAN’s strategic PR plan, AGEAN’s campaign for The Penthouse at Central Park Tower – boasting the highest private ballroom on earth – sought to not only attract billionaire buyers, but also to elevate the overall brand image of SERHANT. As the go-to luxury real estate brand within the competitive real estate industry. We strategized a multi-faceted PR approach to successfully promote the listing to global press.
  • We pitched a print, TV and digital exclusive to secure top-tier features, and we created two waves of press with launch of the listing and then the reveal of the interior.
  • We created compelling, multi-media press materials, including a detailed press release, fact sheet with all the stats and numbers, drone film b-roll showing the height of the residence towering over New York City, high-quality images of the interior, and a SERHANT.-designed microsite to showcase the property and track interest.
  • We embarked on a mega media pitch launch after the exclusives were live, targeting the most prominent real estate publications, national and global TV shows, and print and digital lifestyle outlets to maximize earned coverage. We secured interviews for Ryan Serhant to talk about the property and share its unique stats and luxe features.

    The launch was so successful, we had national media calling us to cover it during launch week.
  • Results:

    The Penthouse at Central Park Tower was covered in more than 220 press placements, mostly all of which were stand-alone features with visuals. The PR campaign garnered 3 billion earned impressions globally.

    The exclusive video tour by Architectural Digest has more than 1.6 million views on YouTube – one of the highest ever recorded. The press coverage did not just generate awareness for The Penthouse at Central Park Tower as a luxury property and product, it generated interest among the exact, exclusive and elusive billionaire audience.

    Our PR program is award-winning: it won 2 PR Daily Media Relations Awards for ‘Best in Global Media Relations’ and ‘Excellence in Media Relations;’ 3 PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards: ‘Marketing Consumer Product,’ 'Marketing Consumer Product with less than $200,000 Budget,’ and ‘Best in Overall Business Campaign.’


    Fed Ex Partnership with Catherine Lowe

    Generating more emotional storytelling for a big brand

    FedEx: A previous client of Alyssa Garnick
    Drive more emotional storytelling for FedEx during the peak holiday season
    FedEx gets a ton of press during the holidays.  However, the press tends to be very transactional, about the volume of packages getting shipped in December.  The brand craved a way to gain more emotional storytelling during the holiday season, to showcase the important role that FedEx actually plays in the gift-giving experience. Alyssa and her team developed the campaign: “Deliver Joy” where FedEx would ship gifts for free in exchange for a simple social post.  A national survey revealed that 80% of respondents experience joy when sending gifts and feel more connected to loved ones by doing so.  Using this insight, an experiential pop up was created where New Yorkers and influencers could post on social and send a free gift to a loved one. #deliverjoy The PR strategies and experiential event activation worked together to generate a different kind of coverage for FedEx at the holiday season: lifestyle news, social posts among a younger, entrepreneurial crowd, and positive, more emotional press coverage all around the joys of giving (and shipping with confidence!) during the holiday season.

    This was a project Alyssa led at a different agency.
    Fed Ex Partnership with Catherine Lowe


    350 million

    campaign impressions.

    65 earned media placements.

    Strong message pull-through with 93% of coverage mentioning the FedEx brand.

    82% featuring emotional language and positive emotions, 57% including a call-to-action.

    GREAT Calling

    The UK Calls Americans to Revisit Britain

    Changing outdated perceptions of British culture

    GREAT, the United Kingdom’s global brand and program committed to changing perceptions of Great Britain, hosted a month-long events campaign throughout NYC, showcasing different cornerstones of British culture – food, innovation, sports and music. Consumers gained access to these immersive events by finding iconic red phone booths around NYC that would ring randomly and give tickets when people “answered the call.”
    AGEAN was responsible for the whole U.S. PR strategy. We created the 2022 British Culture Survey to show the current state of Americans’ misconceptions and leveraged that data to build a story beyond just event press. We concepted a launch video where British celebrities read “mean tweets” about British culture only to debunk them. We secured two exclusives at launch – one print and one social – to tell the full story of the campaign and to drive traffic to the phone booths and we leveraged celebrity chef, Nadiya Hussain to secure multiple national and NYC TV, podcast and print stories showcasing modern British cuisine.

    The fully integrated campaign included radio, OOH, social & digital. We brought the best of UK culture to NYC with partnerships: the Premier League, Bompas & Parr, Sofar Sounds for concerts with British rising artists, Nadiya Hussain, Ian Wright and Michael Carrick for the events as well as Gordon Ramsay, Hugh Bonneville, Joan Collins, Dina Asher-Smith for the launch video and social content.
    Forbes articles


    350 media stories

    with 50 media and 12 influencers attending the events.

    We generated 1.56 billion earned media impressions

    in March 2022 (goal was 800M)

    68% of press coverage

    was national press for this NYC-based events campaign.

    80% of coverage

    included ‘changing perceptions’ or ‘breaking old cultural stereotypes' messaging.

    100% of coverage

    was positive in sentiment.
    Influencer Paid Impressions: 12.783M (goal was 3.75M)

    90% of coverage

    included the URL (goal was 30% with CTA) ---- Traffic to website where consumers could continue to learn about and reassess modern British culture jumped 5,000% during the PR campaign the campaign shifted perceptions from 52% to 62% (up 10 points) that the UK is a place of opportunity today.

    Philips Norelco

    philips norelco philips bodygroom

    Tapping into Gen Y’s passion for the planet to sell shavers

    philips norelco: A previous client of Alyssa Garnick
    Drive initial sales for the latest Bodygroom. Insert a low interest brand into a cultural conversation
    Philips Norelco wanted to leverage humor and timely topics to promote the benefits of male body grooming, and launch their new Bodygroom.  Bodygroomers are used among men as a necessary tool for their personal “manscaping” needs and for the launch of their latest bodygroom, Philips Norelco wanted to continue to leverage its brand personality and innuendo-laden tonality as a way to speak to guys, but they needed a new story to tell in order to regenerate interest in the category and to drive initial sales. 

    Alyssa and her team developed the campaign: “Deforest Yourself, Reforest the World.”  Philips Norelco vowed to tame two hairy issues at once: under-groomed men and over-groomed forests. The team partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every Philips Norelco bodygroom product sold, for a total donation of $75,000 or 75,000 trees.

    The campaign kicked off on Arbor Day in New York City’s tree-lined Madison Square Park, where a call for the hairiest men in New York to be groomed by Carmen Electra turned out the camera crews.  To engage consumers and address these overgrown issues, a microsite was created offering how-to advice on “bodily deforestation” and  news on the serious issue of deforestation.  

    This was a project Alyssa led at a different agency.


    Sales of the Bodygroom Pro 2040 rose 18%

    from the week prior on (their largest online retail partner).

    The BG 2040 broke into the Top 100 SKU’s on Amazon, on launch day.

    It jumped to #90 from its previous position at #1565 and was ranked as a #3 item on the “Movers and Shakers” list, which measures the biggest gainers in sales rank over a 24 hour period.

    SERHANT 2021

    Serhant: A current client of Alyssa Garnick

    Positioning a young company as the industry rock star

    SERHANT. was founded in September 2020 by Ryan Serhant, top luxury real estate broker and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. For the year 2021, our goal was to grow brand awareness, drive positive reputation – both inside and outside of the RE category – and evolve Ryan from a trusted industry thought-leader as a broker to a well-respected, leading industry CEO.
    We employed the Agean PR Program Structure to build out three key tentpole moments throughout the year, two activations and more than half a dozen drumbeat initiatives. This allowed us to always have news to share and afforded us opportunities in which to be in contact with the media and generate impactful coverage to build brand awareness yearround. We also aligned with a charity partner for the year to give SERHANT. PR and social opportunities that were national and outside of traditional real estate coverage. Program: Ongoing, Brand-Building Media Relations Results Agean Public Relations worked closely with SERHANT. to focus on: professionalizing and optimizing press office operations; leveraging company news and growth milestones to generate media interest and create storytelling opportunities; utilizing properties and new developments represented by the brokerage to build name recognition and brand awareness; and partnering with a non-profit organization for a national social good campaign.
    Serhant: A current client of Alyssa Garnick


    23% of coverage was top-tier national.

    (SERHANT. is only in NYC).

    17% of coverage featured Ryan as CEO / expert.

    33% of coverage was either stand-alone features and/or national press with priority messages included.

    56% of the press was outside of traditional real estate coverage.

    Over 99% of all coverage was positive.

    SERHANT. achieved nearly $2 billion USD in total sales volume in 2021.

    SERHANT 2020

    Serhant, wallstreet journal

    Launching a company and a brand during a pandemic

    SERHANT., a multidimensional real estate brokerage founded by Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, was launching an ambitious, luxury real estate brokerage in NYC during a global pandemic. We needed to introduce SERHANT. in a way that associated it with revolutionizing real estate and support for NYC, and evolve Ryan Serhant from celebrity to CEO.
    SERHANT., a multidimensional real estate brokerage founded by Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing was launching an ambitious, luxury real estate brokerage in NYC during a global pandemic. The company needed to introduce SERHANT. in a way that associated it with revolutionizing real estate and support for NYC, and evolve Ryan Serhant from celebrity to CEO.

    To build excitement, engagement and interest, the brand “went dark” on social, taking down the most followed real estate brand and broker in the world’s accounts. Alyssa and her team then launched the campaign with an exclusive business feature with the Wall Street Journal. For 2 months pre-launch, they got the inside scoop on what was being built, access to Ryan to discuss his vision for the company, NYC, the real estate industry and to show the strategy behind his stunts. Keeping up momentum, the team leveraged the conversation around the weak state of NYC to come out in support of NYC with press interviews about the housing market and OOH decals around why NYC is the greatest city in the world.

    SERHANT.’s mission is to amplify the success of others, so Ryan’s latest book launch was scheduled to align with the company launch where Ryan could talk about being a CEO and motivating others, and SERHANT. gave away an apt for free for someone changing the world with our social and PR campaign: #FreeYearNYC.
    Launching SERHANT. as a Company and Brand During a Pandemic


    350 million media impressions

    at launch with strong message pull-through.

    Received 700,000 combined video views

    and increased social followers.

    SERHANT. achieved $500M in sales in its first 6 months

    and it’s on pace to be a leading residential real estate brokerage in NY within a year.