Tapping into Gen Y’s passion for the planet to sell shavers

philips norelco: A previous client of Alyssa Garnick
Drive initial sales for the latest Bodygroom. Insert a low interest brand into a cultural conversation
Philips Norelco wanted to leverage humor and timely topics to promote the benefits of male body grooming, and launch their new Bodygroom.  Bodygroomers are used among men as a necessary tool for their personal “manscaping” needs and for the launch of their latest bodygroom, Philips Norelco wanted to continue to leverage its brand personality and innuendo-laden tonality as a way to speak to guys, but they needed a new story to tell in order to regenerate interest in the category and to drive initial sales. 

Alyssa and her team developed the campaign: “Deforest Yourself, Reforest the World.”  Philips Norelco vowed to tame two hairy issues at once: under-groomed men and over-groomed forests. The team partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every Philips Norelco bodygroom product sold, for a total donation of $75,000 or 75,000 trees.

The campaign kicked off on Arbor Day in New York City’s tree-lined Madison Square Park, where a call for the hairiest men in New York to be groomed by Carmen Electra turned out the camera crews.  To engage consumers and address these overgrown issues, a microsite was created offering how-to advice on “bodily deforestation” and  news on the serious issue of deforestation.  

This was a project Alyssa led at a different agency.


Sales of the Bodygroom Pro 2040 rose 18%

from the week prior on Amazon.com (their largest online retail partner).

The BG 2040 broke into the Top 100 SKU’s on Amazon, on launch day.

It jumped to #90 from its previous position at #1565 and was ranked as a #3 item on the Amazon.com “Movers and Shakers” list, which measures the biggest gainers in sales rank over a 24 hour period.