Launching Priceline's New Ad Campaign Featuring Kaley Cuoco ​

AGEAN was tasked generating awareness the launch of Priceline’s newest ad campaign, ‘Go to Your Happy Price,” which debuted during the Super Bowl LVII pre-game show. The new ads starred Kaley Cuoco, showcased a new comedic jingle, and created a world with office-worker colleagues who were reluctant to travel to their happy place due to price, and included the announcement of $5M in hidden travel deals for consumers. ​
AGEAN worked closely with Priceline and its new ad agency (Mirimar) to create assets tailored specifically for media and crafted an in-depth media strategy to pre-pitch category exclusives in ad/marketing, travel trade and entertainment press for the new “Find Your Happy Price” ad campaign. AGEAN counseled the team on how and what to highlight about the campaign and what to add to the campaign to make it more newsworthy for different press verticals, this included: adding a travel deal that linked to Super Bowl LVII, positioning the new ad campaign as broader brand campaign in the press release, timing the PR to come well before the ads would break, fielding a study about the connection between ‘travel and happiness’, creating custom assets for key media (visuals, graphics, ad stills, the ads, b-roll), leveraging celebrity spokesperson, Kaley Cuoco, and creating story angles for travel, trade, lifestyle, ad/marketing and business press. This resulted in successfully securing press coverage to coincide with the launch and to explain Priceline’s unique and fresh POV about travel and happiness, which was then sustained with targeted pitches to ad marketing, consumer, business, and travel trade press. ​


As a result of AGEAN's strategic planning and outreach, our team earned more than 85 media placements, including 11 standalone features, and more than 1.6 billion impressions globally.

This represented a 570% increase in press coverage compared to their last ad campaign launch.