Generating more emotional storytelling for a big brand

FedEx: A previous client of Alyssa Garnick
Drive more emotional storytelling for FedEx during the peak holiday season
FedEx gets a ton of press during the holidays.  However, the press tends to be very transactional, about the volume of packages getting shipped in December.  The brand craved a way to gain more emotional storytelling during the holiday season, to showcase the important role that FedEx actually plays in the gift-giving experience. Alyssa and her team developed the campaign: “Deliver Joy” where FedEx would ship gifts for free in exchange for a simple social post.  A national survey revealed that 80% of respondents experience joy when sending gifts and feel more connected to loved ones by doing so.  Using this insight, an experiential pop up was created where New Yorkers and influencers could post on social and send a free gift to a loved one. #deliverjoy The PR strategies and experiential event activation worked together to generate a different kind of coverage for FedEx at the holiday season: lifestyle news, social posts among a younger, entrepreneurial crowd, and positive, more emotional press coverage all around the joys of giving (and shipping with confidence!) during the holiday season.

This was a project Alyssa led at a different agency.
Fed Ex Partnership with Catherine Lowe


350 million

campaign impressions.

65 earned media placements.

Strong message pull-through with 93% of coverage mentioning the FedEx brand.

82% featuring emotional language and positive emotions, 57% including a call-to-action.